What's Inside?

You'll Learn:

  • all about emails

    We'll cover why emails lists are important, the purposes they serve, and what they can help you accomplish in your business.

  • lead magnets

    You'll learn what the hell a lead magnet does, then we'll decide which kind of lead magnet is right for you.

  • your first freebie

    After this session you'll walk away with your very first freebie to offer your ideal client and start growing your list.

  • welcome squence

    Once you wrap your noodle around what a welcome sequence is, and how it's used, we'll set up your first segment and email sequence using Flodesk.

  • plans!

    None of this really works without a plan. I'll teach you how to plan your next month or two so you consistently and intentionally grow your list without getting lost.

  • where to share

    Finally, we'll cover the best ways to share your new freebie with the world and get things rolling.

It's easy once you know how

The hardest part about starting an email list is understanding why and how to do it. The tech behind workflows, drip sequences, and segments can feel overwhelming if you're new to this, but easy-peasy once you're shown the ropes.

What you'll walk away with

after this course, you'll be ready to grow your list and have:

  • Your first lead magnet

    Not only will you understand what a lead magnet does, what types there are, and how to deliver them, you'll have one ready to share with your audience!

  • Opt in form

    You'll have what you need to get your lead magnet into the hands of the folks who are interested.

  • Welcome sequence

    In addition to the free Welcome Sequence starters, you'll understand what a welcome sequence is, and how to bring your audience into your community through email.